AFL Finals Week Two Picks

AFL Finals Week Two

Hawthorn Hawks v Melbourne Demons

Our first game of the round takes place on Friday night when the Hawks look to butter up once more after being put to the sword by the reigning premiers last week. Their opponents, the surging Melbourne Demons who dispatched the Geelong Cats with ease last weekened to win through to the semi finals. The Hawks were dismall in their attempt to dethrone the Tigers on Friday night. They were outnumbered, outclassed and outworked on all facets of the gamne and it begs the question on whether or not the Tigers already have the 2018 premiership already wrapped up. Ben Stratton injured his hamstring in the loss and will alsmost certainly take no part against the Demons this weekend. The Demons scoreline from last week did them no justice and after kicking the first five goals of the game, went on to kick 1.9 in the following two quarters. The Demons have an obvious issue going forward but the weight of numbers of inside forward 50s allows them to continue having shots on goal. With the Hawks backline taking a hit with Stratton going down, we can assume that the Demons will be putting this weakened Hawks backline under the pump, as well.

You will never again, in your life, see Shaun Burgoyne and/or Luke Breust miss a set shot, directly in front, in the same game being two of the classiest and most skilled players of the game but we're inclined to think the 'yips' the Hawks had last week wasn't a coicidence. The last time these two played it was a one sided affair in the favour of the Hawks. The tide has turned and the Demons are now going to be the ones to beat here (and potentially for the rest of the finals series?). The Demons' fairytale will continue on for at least another week and they'll make sure of this by doing the Hawks good and proper here. Take the Demons with the minus as they romp the Hawks in week two of the finals.

OTP Recommendation

Melbourne Demons -13.54.0u at 1.92Bookie Image 1+3.68

Collingwood Magpies v Greater Western Sydney Giants

Second final of the round and the Collingwood Magpies will return to Melbourne after their shattering defeat to the West Coast Eagles that would have sent them straight through to a Preliminary Final. They will suit up and welcome in the GWS Giants who absolutely dismantled the Sydney Swans in their own elimination final that has allowed them to survive another week. 

Besides the Tigers at the 'G, heading to Optus Stadium and tackling the West Coast Eagles is one of the hardest assignemnts in the competition. The Pies were trading at a low price of between $1.34 and $1.40 midway through the third quarter which shows they were not far off. The Pies will now return home and that'll be all that I need to take the Pies in this matchup. There would be only one team in the competition right now that i'd be siding with if I was to be taking on the Pies and, ironically, they'll be taking them on next week after they roll the Giants here. Take the Pies in the margin betting as the roll onwards to a preliminary final next week against the reigning premiers. 

OTP Recommendation

Collingwood Magpies 1-39 Margin3.5u at 2.1Bookie Image 2+3.85

    Grand Final -10 10 -100%
    Finals Week Three -9.5 9.5 -100%
    Finals Week Two +7.53 7.5 100%
    Finals Week One +8.45 13 65%
    Round Twenty-Two -4.7 13.25 -35%
    Round Twenty-One -4 13 -31%
    Round Twenty +3.76 10 38%
    Round Nineteen -9.5 9.5 -100%
    Round Eighteen -7.75 14 -55%
    Round Seventeen +0.68 7 10%
    Round Sixteen -4.11 12 -34%
    Round Fifteen -8.5 8.5 -100%
    Round Fourteen +6.5 8 81%
    Round Thirteen -7 7 -100%
    Round Twelve -0.72 5.5 -13%
    Round Eleven -2.93 7.5 -39%
    Round Ten +1.5 8 19%
    Round Nine +7.84 8.5 92%
    Round Eight +3.5 8 44%
    Round Seven +2.35 7.25 32%
    Round Six +1.15 5.5 21%
    Round Five +5.32 9 59%
    Round Four -2.1 6.5 -32%
    Round Three -0.35 5.5 -6%
    Round Two -1.5 6 -25%
    Round One +2.56 6 43%
    Futures -6 6 -100%
    Total -27.52 231.5 -12%

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